Sunday, September 25, 2016

Is President Donald Trump Good for Black Americans? Yes and No

Now that the historic U.S. presidential election season is underway, we are reposting an essay that was written by TFTT season 2 playwright Yusef Miller and originally appeared on Facebook.

Yusef Miller
NO. Donald Trump is a White Nationalist and a hubristic zealot. His 'Make America Great Again' campaign slogan is seeded by John C. Calhoun, the South Carolina Senator, who said in defense of the All of Mexico Movement in the mid-1800's,

"We have never dreamt of incorporating into our Union any but the Caucasian race—the free white race... Ours... is the Government of a white race."

A 1964 President Trump would have vetoed the Civil Rights Bill. In 1989, Trump took out full-page ads in NYC, advocating for the execution of the central park five - teenagers, Blacks & Hispanic, innocent, developmentally challenged. He calls the Black people of Detroit, refugees; Mexican-Americans rapists; Muslim Americans terrorists. His solution to OUR problem is his solution to US, as problem, echoing in 1989 and today - "Bring Back our Police." Criminality is Trump's address about Black people and around Black people. Trump charges the Democrats with criminality for the role he say they have played in creating Black poverty, joblessness, failing schools, and broken homes. Meanwhile, Trump makes his rounds in the Black church with his African-American, where he lifts a crying Black baby to his lips (frightening). It was like watching a slave owner purveying the conditioning of his field slaves. He will divide the nation along the lines bigots like himself have sought to do before Obama. He is the anti-Obama. Trump is a man who embodies the tragic estrangement between Black and White lives. And he is up for assuming the highest office of our land, thanks to his greatest supporters: other White Americans.

The truth about the election of Clinton or Trump is this for me - the struggles of Black people will take a back seat under either presidency. 'WAIT' has been a policy response to our policy needs before King's letter in a Birmingham jail. We are baited on the trail with policy changes and are asked to wait and severely compromise while in office. Democrats point fingers. Republicans go 'meh.' Trump will mobilize the 'meh' - and Black people will have much to lose. All or nothing, in fact.

YES: What a President Donald Trump offers is an opportunity for Black people to mobilize into action. Recently, to my momma, I recounted the antipathy I was experiencing sitting my friend's cat and child, driving another friend's car, attending a friend's family function. She essentially said, 'get your own' despite me being allergic to cats, not having a partner, etc. If we want the change we seek, we have to endeavor to take the actions instead of compromising or co-existing with the obstacles. Under a Trump Presidency the obstacles will constrict Black mobility so systematically that it will require us to act, out of survival. We would need to act, out of the shadows, i.e. the guise of 'wait,' out of the guise of appeasement - the offering of a few indictments, here and there. Under a Trump Presidency, Black people will learn quicker than in any other time in American history, that the non-action actions Black people have been conditioned to having, like holding crying-Black-mother-press-conferences, will be met with disdain for its weakness and its nagging critique of an unapologetic divisive government. The killing of Black boys will escalate. America will become desensitized to the Black murders captured on dash and body cams; the frequency of running these videos on public television was, indeed, the agenda, after all. We will come to experience, in more Black households, just how undervalued Black lives are. There will be no pretense under President Trump. Our 'right to life' will be so scorned. Our life to liberty - in the balance. Our pursuit of happiness - inconsequential. We will have to defend our right to life every day. And we will seize upon a pertinent and chaotic hour to coordinate action as reaction. We will make choices among each other - choices that will be sustained by the majority of Black people. 'Asking' will be an affront to all of us. 'Demands' will be made through bold actions that disrupt and dismantle. We will start to face how conditioned we had become, but will not dwell on it. President Trump will not bait us on. He, in the role of this nation's authority, will take us on - he will be our greatest American (domestic) terrorist. It will be all or nothing - our coming together.

(Black mobilization into action is what Republicans have been waiting for, once and for all. That we mobilize in action so that they can mobilize with hateful reaction upon hateful reaction - to spray us all. To eliminate us in greater numbers sooner than all their systems. Republican leaders have been quietly allowing their dog Trump to bark and bite - to see how much traction their hate can make - to see how many Klansman he can round up. This is why the Republican statesmen (elected by White People) are not denouncing their dog Trump. But when in office, they plan to bait the dog with political ingenuity - them against us, once and for all. Liberal White people who are 'unaware' of this cruelty toward Black people that exists in our politics, should wake up and grow up or else be turned out under their own cruelty called 'indifference.')

As usual, Black people will recognize who's in the streets a lot sooner, recognize the agenda clearest. The state will be our nemesis. The pair of us will recognize that inevitably, the state will never ever be on trial for what they have done and are doing to Black people. As the state aims for separate and unequal, Black people will become a coalition of action UNTO ourselves, once for fucking all. We stand to become aligned in power, in action, from a Trump Presidency.

(President Clinton will bait us on, maybe not intentionally - she will be vastly limited in her accomplishments on a whole, being a woman leader in America's government, unfortunately, as was Obama, as a Black leader in America's government.)

Trump is, in his essence, an entitlement, home grown. He is no enigma. He is White privilege. He is celebrity. He is bigotry. He is Corporate person. He is wealth. He is success. He is self-serving. He is uninformed rhetoric. He is inheritance. He is racist. He is influential. He robs and steals. He creates systems and uses the systems and breaks systems. He has debt. He sues and gets sued. The man is birthed from White American exceptionalism. He's White America's seed. Are Black people REALLY going to intercede with our vote? Are we really going to bail out America as we do our economy with our dollar and purchasing power? Are we going to save White Americans from themselves? Should we let them play this one out? We gave them Obama. It was truly the best we could do. And now White Americans pay us back with a potential President Trump? What if every Black person kept their vote and said, 'Play it out, White America. Who are we to you, White America? Decide amongst yourselves. Are you watching out for our equality? Or do you want to stay blind and us separate and disadvantaged? Is President Trump your response to Black Lives Matter? Whichever, you decide. But just know, withholding our vote has already mobilized us and has prepared us for action-taking in whomever's presidency.'

Black people, we can free ourselves up from America's vitriol of one's right and obligation to vote. We have no horse in this race, completely. Believe that. I look forward to ramping up our own flawed candidates both locally and nationally, someone, nevertheless, who has Black lives on their agenda, explicitly. And why not? After all, they are giving us Trump. White people are trying to racially subjugate in a President Trump. They are trying to configure a white racial identity in a President Trump. Let that voice fight it out with the other White liberal voices.

Anyway - Black people, we need to seize this moment to come together, in action. It's not our job to anoint either candidate along party lines. It's our job to consistently vet and charge our leaders with having agendas for Black people.

- Independenteverything