Thursday, February 23, 2017

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Melissa Mickens in a still from "Shampagne" 
During its past eight seasons The Fire This Time Festival has emerged as one of the premiere venues for emerging Black playwrights.  Not only are the artists in TFTT community theater makers, they are multi-disciplinary artists who are creating new content in a variety of media.

This past season, which concluded on Feb 5, 2017, we expanded programming beyond the medium of theater and for the first time presented "On Screen: Webseries and Short Film Night" featuring content by TFTT affiliated artists including Kevin R. Free, Derek McPhatter, Yusef Miller, Eliana Pipes, Melissa Mickens and more. Alex Ubokudum ("Bok TV") was the MC for the evening.  The projects that were screened ranged from comedic to dramatic and reflected the diversity of the Black experience. These works were received by a responsive audience who bared witness to the multiplicity of representations.

Larry Powell in a still from "Mother's Milk"
In planning a program of short films and webseries, much like curating an evening of 10-minute plays, we noticed that similar themes emerged of which we were initially unaware, and some of the films were in dialogue with each other.

For those who couldn't attend we've compiled the available projects that we screened so that you can do what folks so commonly due in the era of Netflix, Hulu, etc: binge watch these projects and make them viral by sharing them with the folks in your circles and support these artists so that they can continue to produce their original content as well as inspire other artists to follow suit.

Gemma & The Bear 
by TFTT's former Artistic Director and season 3 playwright Kevin R. Free & Eevin Hartsough

She's Out of Order 
by TFTT Founding Producer & Playwright Derek McPhatter, Teresa Michelle Lasley & Rhonney Greene

On Program: Pilot Episode "Untitled"
by TFTT season 2 playwright Yusef Miller

Meet Me @ The Clinic
by TFTT season 8 playwright Eliana Pipes

Camouflage (Trailer)
by TFTT season 6 playwright Rod Gailes OBC
Camouflage - Trailer from OBC DreamTheatre on Vimeo.

Earl's Post Prison Playdate 
by TFTT season 6 playwright Rod Gailes OBC
Earl's Post-Prison Playdate: Feature from OBC DreamTheatre on Vimeo.

Bok TV 
by Alex Ubokudom
The Fallout: Black Survival Part 2

by Melissa Mickens

Mother's Milk (Teaser)
by TFTT season 6 playwright Larry Powell

The Jump (Trailer)
by TFTT season 4 playwright Eric Lockley

Lost Boys (Trailer)
by Paul Notice